3 Rooms in Your Home Where White Paint Could Look Great

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painting wallColor choices are an important element of a new paint job for your home. Leading paint manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have designed an amazing palette of colors and shades, giving you endless options for color combinations throughout your home. But with all these amazing colors, don’t forget the most basic color of all: white.

There are many varieties of this popular shade that add cool or warm undertones and give you plenty of designer versatility in their application. In other words, white doesn’t have to be exactly white.

Of course, you can use any color of paint anywhere you want – it’s always up to you. Here, we’re going to look at three areas within your home that might look great with white paint or one of its variants, just to give you some ideas.

Light up a hallway


If your hallways tend to be dark – even with appropriate lighting – you’re not alone. There are usually no windows that add outside light to a hallway, and interior lighting (unless excessive) never seems to fully brighten up these connector areas within a home.

Painting your hall with one of the brighter white paint shades will instantly bring about the feeling of more light inside the passage. Some people want their hallways to be somewhat dark and subtle, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re not one of those people, go with some fresh white paint and enjoy the immediate difference.


Make everything in your kitchen stand out

painting walllOf all the rooms in a home that need good lighting, the kitchen is at the top of the list for most people. Overhead lighting can help, but so can light-reflecting white walls. A lovely shade of white paint will enhance whatever light is already there, making it safer to work with all the sharp and hot objects one uses in the kitchen.

Not only that, but solid white walls will magnify and enhance all the colors and shapes found inside your kitchen. The cooking utensils, the counter colors, wall paintings, storage containers, placemats – everything tends to come alive and be noticed better with a backdrop of white.

Brighten a bathroom

The bathroom is another room that’s better off with more rather than less light. You don’t necessarily have to go bright-white like a convenience store bathroom, but a mellow shade of white will bring a sense of peace and comfort – and better visibility.

Consider also that the better you can see an area, the better you can clean it. We clean every room in our homes, but we’re often a little extra-diligent when cleaning the bathroom. In addition, white is the color of clean and sanitary, making it ideal for bathrooms.

Choosing the right colors for a home-painting project isn’t always easy. If you need some expert help with colors and with the actual job of repainting part or all of your home, the professionals at Franklin Painting of Farmington, CT, are always here to help. Give us a call at (877) 646-7774.


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