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Tips for Choosing Baseboard and Trim Colors

Interior trim can create a range of dramatic effects resulting in rooms that make a powerful impact. The secret is in choosing baseboard and trim colors to make your walls pop just as your heart desires. Trim includes crown molding, chair-rail molding, window casings, door casings, wainscoting, baseboards, and more. Baseboard and trim colors can give a room’s components the perfect punctuation. The size and shape of a room can be perceived differently simply by choosing the right trim color. Specific tips follow on choosing the best baseboard and trim colors for your needs.

Interior Paint Services Middletown, CTUnifying the Space

Trim can play a major part in successfully enhancing a popular open-concept floor plan. To enjoy this effect, which is a contemporary or transitional style, simply paint the trim the same shade as the wall color. An equally successful alternative is to go with a trim and baseboard color that is a slightly lighter or darker shade than the wall color.

Emphasizing Design

Do you have intricate woodwork in your home, such as is common in older homes? Or do you have frame windows that beautifully offset a stunning outdoor view? For emphasis of both designs, dark trim in a shade of black, charcoal, or chocolate will usually provide the perfect visual contrast.

Creating a Bold Contrast

Have unenhanced neutrals lost their appeal? Choose a bold color for your trim to contrast with light-colored or white walls. To liven up the contrast you create, add additional design elements in the room in the same shade as the trim. The creative potential is endless! For instance, provide a feast for the eyes with a throw pillow, unique wall hangings, the upholstery on a favorite chair, or even candles in the same bold paint color as the trim and baseboards.

Pairing for Elegance

If a more elegant look is what you are going for, it’s nigh impossible to go wrong with gray or charcoal trim. It’s as elementary as pairing dark gray with either light gray or white walls. Of course, even white paint comes in a wide range of colors. With the experts at Franklin Painting by your side, you get all the help you need to feel confident about the perfect hue when choosing baseboard and trim colors that evoke elegance.

Lowering the Ceiling

If you want to eliminate a vacuous effect in a space with high ceilings, install chair-rail molding or picture-rail molding on the walls as part of a strategy to lower the ceiling. Simply paint the added molding and the wall above it a darker color than the rest of the wall space. This will draw the ceiling down, achieving a more welcoming appearance.

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