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When You Should Prime Before Painting

Do you know when you should prime before painting? Because many people just assume that priming before painting is always needed-but that’s not the case. It can save a lot of money and produce flawless results when you apply inside knowledge. Call Franklin Painting if you want gorgeous results from interior and exterior painting because they are experts in the know. Read on for details on when you should prime before painting, per the painting professionals.

Interior home painting in Canton CTWhat is Primer Exactly?

Primer may look like paint, but there is a huge difference. Primer contains an adhesive binder and a higher concentration of solids than regular paint. Primer is more of a sealant than a paint. It seals surfaces before painting and gives the paint a smooth, clean surface to adhere to. Paint primer covers imperfections and creates a uniform base for seamless paint applications. Know when you should prime before painting because primer is cheaper than paint, and it can be a major cost-saver.

Porous Surfaces

On porous and absorbent surfaces like drywall and wood, primer should always be used. The paint soaks into and weakens porous surfaces if a primer isn’t used first. Also, unless you first apply primer, more coats of paint will be required to get the color desired. If a surface is porous, it is definitely a time when you should prime before painting.

Glossy Surfaces 

If you are switching from paint with a higher sheen to paint with a lower sheen finish, apply primer first. You don’t need to use primer, though, if you are painting over a glossy surface with another coat of gloss, eggshell paint, or satin. Lightly sanding and cleaning the surface before applying paint will eliminate the need for a primer. But when using emulsion paint to cover gloss, it’s better that you should prime before painting.

Stained Surfaces

Prime first if the walls you are painting have any type of stains on them, such as water damage or smoke stains from candles or from cooking. The sealant/blocker aspect of the primer will seal in the stains and prevent them from leaking or showing through the paint. Be sure to fix any existing problems that caused the stains, such as leaky pipes.

Odorous Surfaces

Always use high-quality primers, especially when you want to eliminate odors. Walls soak up odors from tobacco smoke, pets, and foods with strong smell. Quality primer will seal in the odors permanently.

Cabinet painting in west hartford CT

Drastic Change of Color

Always use primer when switching a wall color from a dark, very saturated color to a light, less saturated color. A gray primer is most used when covering extreme colors or preparing a wall surface for an extreme shade of paint. Gray primer apparently helps the human eye diffuse extreme colors, according to studies.

Let the Experts at Franklin Painting Apply Your Primer and Paint

On every interior and exterior painting project, the professionals at Franklin Painting achieve stunning results. As needed, surfaces are properly primed, sealed, and made ready for painting with the application of high-quality primers.

They are experts at knowing when you should prime before painting, and their excellence in the professional application of paint always shines through.

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