Tips That Making Painting a House Faster and Easier          

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bloomfield ct fresh exterior painting Painting a house correctly with top quality paint can be a long and drawn out undertaking. Professional painters, such as the experts at Franklin Painting, make exterior house painting easy, since they have so much experience getting the job done right. If you are compelled for some reason to get your house painted as speedily and easily as possible, the following tips can help to ensure that you aren’t cutting any corners that will turn out to end in crash-and-burn type results.

Tips for Painting a House Quickly and Easily

There are many different types of tips a professional painter could share that can help you achieve professional-level painting results. There are also some tips that contribute to a speedier job of house painting. Keep in mind, however, that a job as important as painting a house is best done right from start to finish.

· Choosing a color to paint your home is a decision that can literally cause months of anguish. Homeowners do such things as paint portions of their home repeatedly in the quest to find just the right paint color. A quicker and simpler way to choose paint color that narrows down your options in a helpful way is to use either the same color the house is already painted or choose a darker color, so that you can get the job done with one coat of paint. If you don’t know what the current color is, pull off some peeling paint and take it to a paint store. They are able to find an excellent match. To change to a darker color, simply choose the next shade darker than the current hue.

· One thing you can’t afford to skip over in the prep process is cleaning the home. If you paint over dirt and stuck-on debris, the paint won’t stick. Washing with a pressure washer is the fastest way to get the job done. If you go over the home once with cleaning solution and once to rinse with clean water, that should be sufficient.

· Scraping is another element of prep work that is a must. You can speed up the pace by scraping until you reach an edge that’s relatively solid. The new paint will seal the edges of the old and prevent further flaking. It won’t hold as long as a thorough scraping job, but it will do in a rush.

· On large sections of the home with few or no features such as doors, windows, downspouts, or lights, you can paint with a sprayer.

· Obviously in this scenario, time is of the essence. Rather than cleaning them, toss roller covers at the end of each painting session. Obviously, with this strategy, you’ll want to buy inexpensive roller covers. For painting small touch-ups and dabs, use a foam brush or $1-dollar nylon brush and toss that, as well, at session’s end. Quickly clean your good paint brushes with water and a paint brush comb. These handy tools cut clean-up time by at least half. Paint brush combs are recommended for quick or slow and steady jobs.

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