Tips for Painting Accent Walls

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Interior painting accent room, Franklin Painting CTAccent walls are very much en vogue, and their popularity is well-deserved. They provide an easy way to create an eye-catching room makeover. In addition to a limitless range of paint colors to choose from, patterns, wallpapers, and a wide range of textures can be used for accent walls. With this feature, you are adding a very personal touch that makes your home a one-of-a-kind. With the following guidelines from decorating experts, you can make sure your accent wall is all you really wish for.

Be Fearless

Explore the options for an accent wall, keeping an open mind. You could choose a bold paint color like Benjamin Moore’s Hot Apple Spice (2005-20), which happens to be a perfect complement to Moore’s Amherst Gray (HC-167). Gray is the new beige, but shades of red suggest that someone may not play by the rules. Reds are associated with danger, fire, energy, passion, love, and more. It is emotional and intense, able to raise blood pressure and increase a person’s respiration rate. Obviously, as an accent wall, it could make an impact.

Do Your Homework

It’s advisable to consult the color wheel and look for paint color combinations recommended by experts because the subtleties of color can be mind-boggling. By using resources, you can be assured that you don’t end up with an accent wall that seems slightly off-balance in the room. For example, one of the most popular grays in the Moore collection is Revere Pewter (HC-172), and its favorable color combinations include a somewhat indescribable but elegant Mink (2112-10) or a greenish shade called Winding Vines (532). Even within the grays, in other words, the appropriate contrasting colors seem to be all over the color wheel.

A Few Rules of Thumb

The colors on adjoining walls must be considered when creating an accent wall. Generally, accent walls are most effective when shades of the adjoining walls are light to medium. An accent wall with a strong shade looks best with neutral colors such as beige or gray. When the adjoining walls are white, it can be tricky to choose an accent shade that works well. Softening the contrast helps, which can be achieved with an accent color in the mid-tone category.

Neutral can be Dramatic, Too

You don’t have to choose bold, brave accent colors to create a stunning effect. A dark brown accent wall that complements neutral colors can be every bit as vivid as a bright paint color.

Go with a Faux Finish

Another option for an accent wall is decorative painting. There are many different faux finishes that can create a wide range of effects. For example, with faux finishing, a wall could be made to look like marble, rustic brick, silk, or suede. The customized look you really want may best be achieved when paint is applied with a faux finishing technique.

Franklin Painting in CT, Accent WallWho to Call about an Accent Wall

The professional painters at Franklin Painting deliver high-quality workmanship on every job, including painting or wallpapering an accent wall. The interior painting specialists at Franklin can apply basic color or any in the full range of faux finishes. Whether, for example, you want faux Venetian plaster or expert application of paint or wallpaper on an accent wall, call Franklin Painting today at 877-656-7774.

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