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Constant Contact 2010 All Star Award

We just received word that we were awarded one of Constant Contact’s All Star Awards for 2010.  To receive this award Constant Contact looked at the following criteria:  frequency of campaigns, open, bounce and click through rates, use of social features, mailing list sign up tools & use of reporting tools.  We’d like to thank... Read more

Blue Jays and Paint

One of our potential customers emailed us the following: Here is something interesting.  I’ve been noticing that my resident blue jays have been knocking on my house in the back.  I thought they were searching for bugs or water.  At the same time, the paint is missing on my trim.  This morning, I noticed that... Read more

Franklin Painting Changes History

For over 100 years the stately mansion on Sunnyledge in New Britain, CT was white with dark shutters. The owners decided it was time for a change and the home is now a slate grey. Neighbors and local townspeople are amazed when they go by, some even stop and take a picture! And it is... Read more

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