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Rainy Day Interiors Can Save You Money on a Paint Job


Here’s how easy it is:

1. Get on our Rainy Day List for any size of interior paint job
2. Be at home and ready when the rain starts falling
3. Open the door and let us in and save up to 10 percent

Have you ever had one of those rainy days where all you do is sit in your home, staring at the drizzle or downpour, wondering why does it have to rain when you have so many important things to do and errands to run outside? Not surprisingly, professional house painters often do a similar thing. A big exterior job is on the schedule, but here comes the rain.

Fortunately, there’s a convenient way to make this a win-win situation – and save a little money while you’re at it. If you’re thinking of having some interior painting work done, and if you can be flexible in your scheduling, Franklin Painting of Connecticut has a plan. It’s called Rainy Day Interiors.

Painters like to stay busy

Nothing bothers the pros on our paint crews more than having it rain when they have an exterior paint job scheduled. In order to keep everybody busy, we’re inviting you to take advantage of some cost savings on an interior painting project during an upcoming rain.

If you want to get your interiors painted but aren’t in a break-neck time crunch to have it done right this minute, get on our Rainy Day List. When it looks like rain will interrupt our crews’ outside activities, we’ll give you a call and say, “It’s raining! We’re on the way!”

It’s as easy as that. All you have to do is watch the weather and be at home and ready for us to drip in and get the job done. Rainy Day Interiors is ideal for homes where an adult is there most of the time or can be there on a rainy day.

Raindrops shouldn’t fall on painters’ heads

Paint Color SelectionAssuming the weather forecasters have their facts straight, we always avoid doing any exterior painting a few days ahead of an expected rain. Rain and paint simply don’t mix. Since we can’t know too far in advance when Mother Nature will open the floodgates, and since we’re usually very busy with exterior jobs, the normal scheduling of interior painting projects can be tricky.

With Rainy Day Interiors, it’s fairly simple, and if you can work your schedule around the rain, it’ll be simple for you, too, as well as economical.

If you don’t have an existing interior paint project scheduled with us,

Call 877-646-7774 and get on the Rainy Day List.

Then just take it easy and wait for it to rain.

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