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Picking An Accent Wall Color

Many homeowners are incorporating an accent wall when redecorating their homes. It’s a popular way to liven up a living room, bedroom, or any other space. An accent wall is a dramatic focal point that can give any interior living space the wow factor. By contrasting one wall in a different, but complementary tone than the other walls in the room, it is a creative way to highlight a specific feature like a fireplace, artwork, or other decoration. An accent wall is also powerful enough to stand on its own to make a big, bold statement.

Accent Paint Colors

Room Interior ColorsPainting an accent wall is easy once you select the color for your accent wall. However, choosing the right color can sometimes be difficult. You first decide the purpose of the accent. Is it to highlight an architectural feature, for a dramatic effect, or


Another way to pick an accent paint color is to think about the colors of your room furnishings like the pillows, chairs, rugs, drapery, or other room décor. Choosing one of the thread colors to use as an accent color will create a vibrant space that ties your furnishings together in a cohesive space. This works exceptionally well when arranging your furnishings along or near the accent wall. One word of caution – avoid picking a dominant color. For example, if you have a brown sofa, choosing a similar color for the accent will make the room look closed in and bland.

Go Bold

The main reason for painting an accent wall is to create a focal point that draws attention. To make it stand out, use a bold contrasting color like red, green, orange, or blue. These colors pop and can even make an excellent backdrop when you want to include other decorative elements like mirrors or artwork. If the other three walls in the room are beige, for example, a rose-red accent wall will have a dramatic effect.

painting over dark colored paintBe Creative

The accent wall doesn’t have to be just a solid paint color. You can add stencil patterns and other designs to create unique wall art for a child’s bedroom, kitchen, den, or other space that will give your home a custom appearance. Before painting your accent wall, get a few different color swatches to see how they look against the lighting in the room you are planning to paint. When you have narrowed your choices down to one to three colors, order a sample can of each paint color.

This way, you can paint a small area of the wall to make sure your chosen color will have the creative effect you desire.

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