Is it Safe to Paint Your House While Pregnant?

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The nesting instinct goes along with pregnancy, and it naturally involves nursery preparations such as changing the wall colors. But is it safe to get your house painted while pregnant? This is a great question because special precautions, indeed, need to be taken. Per the opinion of some board-certified OBGYNs, neither harm nor safety is proven by adequate data on the general question of exposure to paint during pregnancy.

Helpful details follow that support the safety of getting the painting done in the home when you are pregnant if certain precautions are exercised. The chief components for consideration include the type of paint used; ingredients, such as solvents, in the paint; and exposure.

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The first thing you should know about paint is that exposure to certain kinds during pregnancy can increase the risk of a miscarriage and cause birth defects. These types of paint contain a high volume of volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are solvent fumes. Indeed, the scope and nature of the painting project you are exposed to during pregnancy are crucial considerations.

Paint low in VOCs or completely free of VOCs should be used in a well-ventilated space to minimize exposure. Avoid the use of solvents such as paint stripper altogether. However, during the first trimester of pregnancy, even these measures are not enough. The most crucial time of a pre-born child’s development occurs during the first trimester when toxic exposures of any kind should be avoided entirely.

So, make sure the paint used is low-VOC or no-VOC paint. Also, don’t use solvents. Ensure that the room being painted has plenty of ventilation, and only get your house painted during the second or third trimester of the prenatal period.

Caution: Avoid Exposure to Lead Paint

In addition to being careful about painting, exposure to renovations in which lead paint may be present should also be avoided during pregnancy. There is a danger for both the pregnant mother and her baby with even low levels of lead exposure. While there will never be paint that contains lead in the stores today, lead paint was used up until it was banned for residential purposes in 1978. Therefore, anything that could create lead dust in an old home must be completely avoided. This includes such activities as sanding or scraping old paint.

Benefits of Creative Activities when Pregnant

Activities that lower a pregnant woman’s stress levels and minimize her anxiety are good things. Creative nesting pursuits, in particular, can be of great benefit. Choosing the no-VOC or low-VOC paint colors for the nursery walls can have a calming effect while, at the same time, increasing joy and anticipation over the coming arrival.

Additional Risks

Possible exposure to toxins is only one of the potential risks to pregnancy during a painting project. Climbing on a ladder is something that should be avoided, as well. Physicians point out that, during pregnancy, the body is undergoing changes that affect balance. So, climbing on a ladder and trying to access hard-to-reach areas in precarious positions should be carefully avoided when pregnant.

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