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Common Mistakes When Choosing Paint Colors

paint color interior walls, canton ctPainting your home’s interior is one of the simplest ways to give it a fresh new look. However, selecting paint colors is not as easy it may seem. Although you may love the color, you may not like the way it looks after you have spent time and money painting your home. Natural lighting, type of finish, and your home décor can influence the color’s appearance. To ensure your home interior painting project is a smooth success, we have  five very common interior painting mistakes people make when they are choosing interior paint colors.


Not Considering the Whole Home

One of the primary mistakes that many homeowners make when selecting paint colors is that they often choose each room’s colors separately rather than coordinating a color palette for the entire house. As a result, many end up with different paint colors for each room that don’t harmonize with the whole home. It’s perfectly fine to use different colors; just make sure your color palette flows through your home to give it a cohesive appearance.

Relying Too Heavily on Paint Swatches

Making color decisions based on a paint swatch is another mistake you will want to avoid when choosing a paint color. Paint swatches are tiny patches of color that are printed on a flat surface. It doesn’t have the same reflective properties as paint. When the paint dries on your wall, the finish, lighting, and other factors may cause the color to look different than you had in mind. Instead, obtain a sample can of paint and brush a small amount on the wall. You will see how the paint color will really look in different lighting conditions.

Forgetting About Lighting

When was the last time you considered the lighting in your home when selecting a paint color? It’s a common mistake. Lighting affects how we see colors.  Your beautiful light blue walls may look more like green in the morning and gray in the evening. Depending on the room’s natural lighting, you may prefer a lighter or darker hue to achieve the desired appearance. Paint some sample colors on the wall to test them as the lighting changes throughout the day in your home to see which colors will work best.

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Not Using the Right Finish

When selecting paint colors, you will also need to choose the type of finish, such as flat or matte, eggshell, semi-gloss, gloss, and satin. Not using the right finish can affect the appearance of the paint colors you choose. Each finish absorbs light differently and has varying degrees of durability. Generally speaking, flat or matte, eggshell, and semi-gloss paint finishes are excellent choices for most interior walls. Satin has a shiny surface and is easy to clean, making it a fantastic finish for high-traffic areas like the family room.

Not Consulting with Experts

Another mistake is choosing interior paint colors without first consulting with the experts. Professional painters and interior designers can help select a coordinating paint color palette with the right finishes to match your home décor to achieve the appearance you desire.


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