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Our Top Tips for Painting a Room like a Pro  

interior professional painting in farmington ctPainting interior walls is all it takes to give your home an instant makeover, but doing a high quality job of it isn’t easy to accomplish. Many homeowners have discovered the hard way that professionals know a lot of tricks for making the job easier and for yielding amazing results. At Franklin Painting, we specialize in interior and exterior painting. The following are among our top tips for how to paint a room like a pro.

Box the paint

When more than one gallon of paint is needed, subtle differences from one can of paint to another can be apparent in an overall paint project. There is a solution for that, and it’s referred to as “boxing the paint.” Bring measurements of the spaces to be painted, and ask a knowledgeable salesperson at a paint store to estimate the amount of paint you’ll need. Purchase all the paint required to complete the job, and pour all the gallons together in one large container. Mix the paint together thoroughly. This way, the paint color is consistent.

Consider the weather

Before getting started on an interior paint project, check the weather report and the paint manufacturer’s temperature guideline. Paints have recommended minimum and maximum temperatures. For the best and most durable results, be sure you paint within the accepted temperature range. If the weather is wet or humid, be aware that it may take longer than anticipated for the paint to dry completely. The paint should be thoroughly dry before adding another coat. To speed up the process when weather outside is soggy, open a window, turn up the heat or air conditioning, and turn on a fan.

Prep the walls in 2 steps

Don’t start painting until the walls have been properly prepped, which is a two-step process:

· Step one of paint prep is to deal with imperfections on the surface. Flaking paint may need to be scraped off. Sanding may be needed. Holes, cracks, and dents may need to be filled or patched. All imperfections should be addressed, since paint cannot hide blemished surfaces.

· Step two of paint prep is to apply paint primer. Application of paint primer blocks bleed-through of stains, greatly improves paint adhesion, and reduces peeling and blistering of the paint. If you’re painting walls a dark color, it’s very helpful to tint the primer with some of the topcoat. For best results, apply primer as a separate step, as opposed to buying a paint that contains primer.

Buy recommended materials

The tools you use for painting can make a difference between a poor paint project and one that looks like it was done by professionals. The following are some tips for interior painting materials to use:

· Use only high quality paint.

· Buy brushes and rollers of high quality.

· Use high-end painter’s tape because it does an excellent job of sealing out blurs and drips.

· Use canvas drop cloths instead of plastic because canvas absorbs the paint, whereas spills of paint on plastic can cause a slipping hazard. If you use plastic, be aware that if it’s too thin, it could tear. Plastic tarps are typically thrown out after use, whereas canvas drop cloths properly stored will last a lifetime.

· Use an extension pole that has a rigid metal core instead using a ladder.

· Instead of using a paint tray, use a 5-gallon bucket and a paint grid. The grid is placed inside the bucket, which is filled halfway with paint. After dipping the roller, remove the excess by rolling it against the grid. At the end of the day, cleanup is a lot easier than with paint trays. Simply keep the paint grid inside the bucket and put the lid on.

middletown ct exterior and interior priming paintBonus interior painting tip

Paint from the top of the project to the bottom, so that there aren’t any drips from above after you’ve already painted a surface. Feel free to contact the experts at Franklin Painting for an unsurpassed professional interior or exterior paint job. We accomplish jobs neatly and efficiently, and we guarantee results. Call us today at (877) 646-7774.

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