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Most Popular Paint Colors

Mixing paint colors comes naturally to artists, who use the skill to transfer onto a blank canvas what they’ve envisioned. Today’s most popular paint colors for the home reflect that same artistry. It’s mind-boggling to think that variations of white paint alone are endless. Some of the best paint brands share their most popular paint colors, which is perfect timing for anyone ready to update their exterior or interior paint. If you choose the professional painters at Franklin Painting LLC, another option is to allow their staff colorist to help you settle on the perfect paint colors for your home.

Exterior home painting in West Hartford CTThe Best Off-White Neutral Paint Colors 2023


Sherwin Williams’ off-white paint colors trending as some of the most popular paint colors in 2023 display distinct disparities of color. In the world of interior design, off-white colors are the height of chic. They typically complement other paint colors and naturally create a cozily harmonious vibe. A slight variation in undertones is what makes the difference, and they can be classed as cool and warm shades. Check out White Duck, Eider White, Toque White, Shoji White, Oyster White, Aesthetic White, Creamy, and White Flour to explore the best in the Sherman-Williams Collection 2023. In a separate listing, the company also highlights Origami White, Pure White, and Greek Villa along with Creamy. Harmonious Origami White has a slight greige undertone.

Interior and exterior shade Pure White is one of their most popular shades. It is bright and clean—a sharp, classic white. Greek Villa is also a fan favorite. It is warmer and creamier than Pure White without an appearance of yellow.


Behr shares their collection palette of top neutral and accent paint colors most popular with professional designers. It includes colors like Whipped Cream, which invites playfulness and lightness into a home. Winter White has a frosty hue, and the icy cool tones embrace an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement. The color Dove HDC-MD-21 is the essence of elegance accented with Cracked Pepper PPU18-01.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore displays luscious shades of white in their collection. Polar White is named as their best white paint and is among the most popular paint colors for 2023. It has a sleek, modern appearance. It is immensely popular among interior designers and homeowners alike. Polar White has cool undertones, and it is an interior paint that is ideal for transforming a room. Benjamin Moore boasts 152 shades of off-white. A list of the best white and off-white paint colors for 2023 names Chantilly Lace, Ice Mint, White Wisp, Wedding Veil, Atrium White, Timid White, and China White as top choices.

Evoke Mystery with Popular Paint Colors 2023

A perusal of 2023 most popular paint colors reveals that some shades are mysterious enough to hide their true colors. Like the results of an artist’s mix, they may evoke different hues depending on the lighting, the shading, or the eye of the beholder. Behr Burnished Clay (PPU18-9) is a beige and gray combination with slightly cool undertones. This color appears differently depending on the light source and the time of day.

Various lists of the most popular paint colors include different shades of lilac. A soft, romantic version of gray provides a clean, unfussy look. A classic depiction of brown makes a showing. Also, a suspect shade of pink makes the list, and the color may be interpreted as the shade of a flamingo with strong undertones of tangerine. Greige is a neutral color that falls between beige and gray. Top picks of greige for 2023 include Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter (HC-172) and Balboa Mist (1549); Sherwin Williams’ Dovetail (SW-7018), Anew Gray (7030), and Agreeable Gray (7029).

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