How Paint Colors Affect Your Mood

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Did you know that the paint colors on your walls can influence your mood? According to the American Psychological Association, color affects both the mind and body. So, if a room makes you feel sad or gloomy, uplifting your mood may be as simple as changing the paint color. We’re going to explore the psychology behind some of the most popular colors so that you can make the wisest choice for your home painting project.

Cool White

White is the most common room color. Think of any room you have been in recently; most probably, it was painted white at some point. It symbolizes purity, freshness, and cleanliness, which are key reasons it’s used in hospitals, kitchens, and bathrooms. While white can make a space look spacious, it can also make it feel cold and isolated, so it may not be the best choice for a living room or kitchen. As a light neutral color, white is an excellent choice for moldings and trims to help other paint colors stand out.

red paint color choice, avon CTExciting Red

Red is an intense color that screams energy and excitement, which is why most fire engines are painted red. It also stimulates hunger, making it an excellent paint color choice for kitchens and dining rooms. Try Red Gumball by PPG Paints for a bold choice. Since red is also known to increase irritability, aggression, and blood pressure, it’s not the optimum choice for spaces where you want to relax, like the bedroom. Explore this insightful article on the nuances of painting rooms red and what you should ponder before starting your project.

Soothing Blue

When you want to create a feeling of freshness and calmness, you can’t go wrong with blue. It’s the perfect paint color for a bedroom or bathroom, where it stimulates relaxation and serenity.  It can also help to clear a person’s mind and lower their blood pressure. Blue shades also create a harmonious look with other colors. Try NYPD from Behr® with a Frost trim for a smart, contemporary appearance.

Regal Purple

If you want to create a luxurious space fit for a king or queen, try painting your master bedroom, living room, or home office in a shade of Purple like Purple Passage from Sherwin-Williams. In addition to wealth and prosperity, the color purple also conveys relaxation and creativity. It is also rare in nature, another aspect that makes it an intriguing paint color.

office paint colors, farmington ctTranquil Green

Green is a vibrant color that stimulates nature, peace, and tranquility, which is why many people like to go outside to relax. Painting green walls in a room can have a calming effect to reduce nervousness and anxiety making it an excellent color choice for your home office, bathroom, or even a child’s bedroom. Try Glidden’s Mellow Mood with a Delicate White trim.

Uplifting Yellow

Yellow is a stimulating color that conveys energy and happiness and is ideal for brightening most rooms in the home. Since the kitchen is the space where many families spend time together, a lighter shade like Roasted Corn by Behr® can do wonders for brightening up your day. However, yellow can be overstimulating, creating restlessness in some individuals, so it’s not an ideal color choice for bedrooms.


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