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Inventive Ways to Decorate With Paint

decorative paint designs in farmington ctWhen most people think of painting their homes’ interiors, they think of putting one color of paint on all the walls and painting the trim with a complimentary accent color.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But if you want to get creative, you’ll find many exciting ways to decorate with paint – and you don’t have to be an artist or a professional painter to do them.

See what you think about these ideas, then let your creativity flow!

Expand some trim color: Take the vibrant shade you used for trim and accent areas and cover something larger with it to make it really stand out.  Try this technique on kitchen islands, small alcoves, shelving and doors.

Liven up kids’ bedrooms: Children love visual excitement, so why not bring exciting bursts of color to their rooms?  You can add unexpected colors to windows, doorways and baseboards, or you can slather entire walls with amazing shades, as well.

Enlarge a small room: If you want to bring the feeling of more space to a cramped room, try some light, airy shades from the green, blue and yellow families.

Brighten up the patio: A coat of flashy yellow or orange paint on the ceiling of a porch or deck will instantly transform it with new life.  Sometimes, just painting the ceiling is all it takes to make an old space feel like new again.

Paint the furniture: Before you go out and buy new wood furniture, consider coating the pieces you have with some stand-out colors that blend with your overall design motif.  A powerful color you’ve used for accents elsewhere in the home might be great on some tables and chairs.

Do one wall in stripes: This is a really cool way to bring loads of personality to a room.  Stripes can be wide or narrow, ideally with a selection of colors that complement one another and blend well with the solid wall colors in the rest of the room.

Stencil in some flair: You can buy a wide variety of stencils that are easy to use and will produce an amazing customized designer look.  Big, elaborate patterns are great for single walls or small sections of rooms, while simple, less-invasive designs can work well for all of a room’s walls.

farmington ct great decorative paint tipsOne tone may be better than two: A two-tone wall can make a dramatic statement.  For this application, a darker color you love can go on the bottom half (or third, or quarter) of the walls in the room, while the upper section features a complimentary lighter color.

With these ideas, you’re virtually unlimited in how you can make over individual rooms or the entire interior of your home.  It’s certainly fine to have traditional one-color walls and basic accent colors, but if you’re feeling creative and want something new, you’ll want to explore all the ways you can decorate with paint.

If painting is not your thing but getting your home painted is, Franklin Painting of Farmington, Conn., can bring about an amazing and pleasing transformation to the interior or exterior of your home.  Call the professionals at (877) 646-7774 for results you’ll be proud of.

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