How Curb Appeal is Improved by Painting Exterior Trim        

painting exterior trim in avon ct

painting exterior trim in avon ctAlthough exterior paint jobs usually last about 5 to 7 years, wood trim can fade in as little as 3 years! There are pluses to painting house trim, and many of them have to do with your reasons for wanting to improve curb appeal. Read on to learn how painting exterior trim improves curb appeal and provides other benefits, as well.

When it’s Time to Consider Repainting Exterior Trim

If you have been trying to sell your home but it continues to languish on the market, steps are needed to get buyers’ attention. An excellent strategy for upgrading curb appeal is to paint your house trim. It’s likely unnecessary to paint the entire exterior, since a fresh paint of trim alone can usually provide the desired transformation. The first impression of your home will draw potential buyers in or send them to the next house for sale. The dingy look of peeling or faded paint is not the impression any seller wants to make.

When to Paint Exterior Trim

Business owners who want to attract more customers can impress new visitors by maintaining a sharp and appealing view of the property from the curb. Homeowners may just want to preserve the condition of the wood before the fading paint exposes it to damage. The following are more good reasons to paint exterior trim:

·  When paint is chipping off, it’s a sign that the trim needs painting. Chipping paint may be caused by animal activity or prolonged exposure to wind and/or sun. The most common reason paint begins to chip off is that the life of the last paint job has expired.

·  Dark paint absorbs sunlight and is more prone to fade than light paint. Faded paint has lost its lustrous brightness. Early on, pressure washing can revive the look. When new paint is needed, nothing else will bring back the faded finish.

·  A loss of contrast with the other paint on the exterior dims curb appeal, as well. As paint fades, the colors that formerly complemented one another lose the appealing effect.

More Benefits of Painting Exterior Trim

marlborough ct professional outside paintingIn the same way that a new interior paint job can be like an entire home makeover, painting trim may be all that’s needed to create the spark you’re hoping for, as far as transforming curb appeal. More benefits of painting your exterior trim follow:

·  When the exterior trim gets new paint, the beautiful architectural lines of a home can stand out much more effectively.

·  Exterior trim needs protection from harsh outdoor elements. When paint begins to deteriorate, the wood is more susceptible to moisture, insects, and UV rays. Exterior paint on the trim does an excellent job of helping to preserve the wood.

·  Contrasting colors can create a gorgeous effect on a home. Without clear contrasts partially created by the trim, a house, by comparison, can fade into the background. Curb appeal is diminished without the contrast.

The Best Choice for Painting Exterior Trim

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