Hottest Kitchen Paint Trends & Nifty Fresh Interior Paint


Going with one of the hottest kitchen paint trends for your home is highly practical. It is, in fact, not simply a “keeping ahead of the Joneses” kind of thing. Choose from among the current hot kitchen paint trends listed below to enjoy multiple benefits that only nifty fresh interior paint can provide.

fresh interior paint, Avon CTWhy Fresh Interior Paint is a Smart Choice

There are benefits to fresh interior paint projects like jumping on board with one of the kitchen paint trends for 2022, whether or not you have plans to sell your home in the near to the not-too-distant future. It’s hard to deny the niftiness of these five benefits:

1-Increase Home Value

The overall value of your home gets a major boost from fresh interior paint, and it is the least expensive strategy for doing that. Fresh paint signifies that a home is well taken care of. When one of the hottest kitchen paint trends is on display, on-the-market appeal will get an even bigger lift.

2-Improve the Mood in Your Sanctuary

In ways unlike ever before, our homes are our sanctuaries. You are sure to enjoy greater comfort and enjoyment in your inner sanctum when your kitchen, the heart of your home, has been updated with one of the hottest interior paint trends 2022.

3-Improve Air Quality

You can choose interior paints that are safer for the environment and can reduce the risk of respiratory and other health-related problems. Low- and no-VOC (Volatile Organize Compounds) paints release little to no gasses inside your home. Unless your home interior is painted with a low or zero VOCs product, substances containing carbon can be released into your home long after the paint has dried.

4-Protect from and Prevent Home Damage

Most interiors are made with materials that absorb moisture naturally. This absorption can gradually compromise the structural integrity of your home. Quality interior paint helps to seal out moisture and prevent walls from being porous.

5-Beauty Boost

Flaws and imperfections that develop in walls over time are covered over with a professional interior paint job.

Hottest Kitchen Paint Trends 2022

The following are among the hottest kitchen paint trends 2022 in a nutshell:

  • Dark gray cabinets – Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain or Summit Gray (SW 7669) by Sherwin Williams
  • Muted blues – Sherwin-Williams Still Water SW 6223 or Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball
  • Muddy green – Laurel Home’s Nantucket Gray or Benjamin Moore’s Gloucester Sage HC-100
  • Paint to Neutralize Warm Woods – The Spruce Best Home’s Macrame Beige (SPR-05) or Valspar’s Du Jour (7002-6)

kitchen paint trends, Burlington CTAny of these hot kitchen paint trends can give you the instant interior upgrade you long for, complete with the useful benefits of fresh interior paint. At Franklin Painting, our team of professionals painters includes a color specialist who can help you choose a look that’s perfect for your home.

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