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Best Paint Colors for Guest Rooms

The most important goal in planning a guest room is to create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, and the best paint colors for guest rooms will help. The environment should help visitors relax and get a good night of sleep. Rather than making a guest room especially feminine or masculine, it’s usually best to focus on universal appeal. The following are helpful tips for choosing the best paint colors for painting your guest room.

soothing guest room paint, canton ctBlue to Soothe

There are many shades of blue, which studies show to be the most popular color in the world. When seeking to create a soothing atmosphere with paint colors for a guest room, go with softer hues. Choose from interior paint options like Sky Blue, Blue-Grey, Cornflower Blue, and shades of the ocean. To create stunning contrast, pair soothing shades with vibrant blues such as Ice Blue and Cobalt Blue. Midnight Blue can stimulate an accommodating mental calm.



Supremely Versatile Greens

Green is a color that speaks of warmth and nature. The best green paint colors for guest rooms can range from one end of the color spectrum to the other. Mint green paint colors ensure a restful haven for guests. Succulent greens are also lively colors that can add freshness and cheerfulness to your guest bedroom. Neutral greens are more sedate than the above-mentioned saturated greens and are beautifully offset with touches of gray or brown.

Serene Brown

Create beautiful contrast with guest room paint colors of brown accented by bright pastels. Purple is an especially good match with rich brown to add comfort to your guest room. Trim of crisp white offsets the serene look perfectly. Always use bed throws and pillows to layer the look achieved with the interior paint on the walls.

Mellow Yellow

A buttery paint shade of yellow is a terrific backdrop for a traditional guest room with a restful ambiance. Artful accents of green are an ideal complement to sunny yellow and classic white trim. Create symmetry and orderliness with artwork arranged on each side of the bed for even more added comfort.

guest room paint colors, windsor ctCreamy Neutrals

Creamy white hues provide a neutral palette and some of the best cozy paint shades for guest rooms. Combine various textiles and fabrics in the room to layer the look and the room’s tranquility. Choose from a wide range of colors to add a pop of brightness or warmth, such as shades of cinnamon or, for a more feminine atmosphere, lavender.

Gentle Gray

For a guest bedroom that doubles as an office, Benjamin Moore’s Pelican Gray (1612) offers the gentleness of white without being as luminous. The restful, soothing color pairs nicely with blues or bright whites. Room accents can include black and décor in darker shades of gray for a comfortable yet sophisticated ambiance.

With so many gorgeous options, it can be difficult to decide on paint colors. You can get the help of paint color experts at Franklin Painting as you seek to choose the best paint shades for your guest rooms.

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