Incorporate Fall 2013 Fashion Week Colors into the Décor of Your Home with Stylish Interior Paints

Fall 2013 Paint ColorsThe huge selection of vivid paint colors available today can make deciding on shades for your home challenging.  If you are a fashionista seeking the perfect colors for interior painting, why not pursue your passion?  The colors displayed during New York Fashion Week for Fall 2013 provide a delectable pallet of shades that can enliven the rooms of any home, whether a condo, studio apartment, or mansion.  The colors in vogue include winter white, yellow, gray hues, navy blue, camel, hot pink, and red.  Incorporating the latest design shades into your home décor should provide a new level of at-home enjoyment.


Benjamin Moore provides sample rooms to view online, and many paint shades are right in step with fashion.


You can’t go wrong choosing gray, one of the hottest colors today, often referred to as the new beige.  This shade can be used in many design settings, but perhaps none better than contemporary styles.  The gray shade called Silhouette (AF-655) is gorgeous combined with Jute (AF-80), a sophisticated winter white/beige, and a pop of Fashion Rose (1356), creating a stunning and stylish look in any interior room.


New York State of Mind (805) is a classic shade that evokes the navy blues seen in the most recent New York Fashion Week.  The blue is a stylishly stand-out shade combined with Tumeric (AF-350), a camel-like hue, on the ceiling of a room and accents in Calm (2111-70), an irresistible and elegant winter white.


Incorporating fashionable yellow paint into your living room can create a new, airy feel.  Banana Cream (275) with accents in both Horizon Gray (2141-50) and Calm (2111-70) is both elegant and cheery.


For a daringly fashionable effect, paint walls Red Parrot (2111-70), trim and library shelves Guilford Green (HC-116), and ceilings and shelf insets Meditation (AF-395).


If you want a more striking effect in shades of red, go with walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s Caliente (AF-290), ceilings and trim in simply white (OC-117), and accents in Black Knight (2136-10). Ooh-la la, this spicy look is sure to satisfy your fashion passion.


Your kitchen can look like a fashion statement if you go with Thunder (AF-685) for the paint color on the walls and island cabinet, Cream Silk (2146-60) on the ceiling, cabinets, and trim, and Jojoba (AF-460) as the accent paint.  A room with these paint colors is as exquisite as an elegant red carpet gown.


Benjamin Moore’s color gallery, accessible on their website, allows you to choose the fashion shades you most want to use in your home. If the pink shades displayed at New York Fashion Week for Fall 2013 caught your attention, you can choose from over 100 pink paint colors in the Benjamin Moore collection. A pink shade could be a beautiful substitute for Fashion Rose in the first room sample.


There’s no need to settle for out-of-style colors in your home’s interior.  Let your fashion sense guide you as you choose new interior paint colors.  Our professionals can help select the right paint for your walls, ceilings, and trim.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I choose which Fall 2013 colors to use in my home?

Choosing the right colors from Fall 2013 Fashion Week for your home involves considering the existing décor and your style. Look for colors that complement your current furnishings and reflect the mood you want to create. Swatches or paint samples can help you visualize how these trendy hues will look in your space.

2. Are Fall 2013 Fashion Week colors suitable for all rooms?

Yes, the diverse palette from Fall 2013 Fashion Week offers options suitable for every room. Vibrant shades can add energy to living spaces or kitchens, while softer, muted tones can create a calming atmosphere in bedrooms or bathrooms. It’s all about selecting colors that align with the function and feel of each room.

3. Can I mix and match different Fashion Week colors in my home?

Absolutely! Mixing and matching Fashion Week colors can add depth and interest to your home décor. Consider using one color as a bold statement wall and complementary hues for accents and accessories. Balance is essential—ensure a cohesive flow by choosing colors with similar undertones.

4. What are some tips for updating my home with Fall 2013 colors on a budget?

Updating your home with Fall 2013 colors doesn’t have to be expensive. Focus on small, impactful changes like painting an accent wall, adding colorful throw pillows, or incorporating decorative items in trendy hues. These minor adjustments can significantly refresh your space without a complete overhaul.

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