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Exterior homes painting in Farmington CT

It’s natural to be a little intimidated when deciding on new colors for your home. Familiarity with trendy exterior paint colors can give you confidence. If you want to eliminate worries about the overall outcome of exterior painting, give Franklin Painting LLC a call. They have a staff colorist who can help you choose a design you love. And professional painters are known for achieving a wow factor, due to their excellence in performing jobs of every type and size. Either way, trendy exterior paint colors can help ensure that your home doesn’t have an outdated appearance. Learn more below.

Exterior homes painting in Farmington CTSymmetry

A great combination of paint colors for a symmetrical house will complement the formality and heritage of design. Ivory, white, and aqua will stand out as a modern look, but it maintains the elegance of traditional hues. The front door is where the bright blue comes in. Use white for the trim–oohs and aahs are sure to follow! Suggested colors are from Valspar: Churchill Hotel Ivory, Betsy’s Linen, and Lake Breeze.

Evoke Greek or Spanish Styles

Included in several lists of trendy exterior paint colors are black, white, and a bright Mediterranean blue. Reflective of Greek architecture and coastal Spain, start by painting a stucco home in pure white. Paint accents in black and finish the look off with a bright blue door. Match paint colors from Sherwin-Williams (Greek Villa and Caviar) with Do-It-Best Quality Paint in the shade of French Valley Blue.


There are many ways to achieve a trendy exterior paint color design defined as “moody.” Use Benjamin Moore paint colors Georgian Green, White Opulence, Wethersfield Moss, and Sedona Clay. Georgian Green is the primary color and the moss-colored paint is for shutters and the porch floor. The remaining trim is in the white hue, and finish with the door in Sedona Clay.

Another moody design is achieved with black and white but with a different effect than the Greek style above. Pair Benjamin Moore’s Soot 2129-20 with white trim and, for shutters, any shade of wood or stone. The overall look is warm and inviting, which you can’t beat when creating a homey atmosphere.

Bright and Modern

For modern homes, Benjamin Moore has colors that will achieve a captivating, trendy look. Use Misty Gray for the home exterior, dark brown Midsummer Night for the trim, and Blue Lake for the door. Choose a blue-gray paint color for the porch deck.

One plus One

A stately home can achieve elegance with a simple but eye-catching design. Use Sherwin-Williams’ Pure White and Privilege Green for accents and for the front door. Here, “understated” design says a lot!

Spring Exterior Home Painting in Rocky Hill CTUnique

In a woodsy setting, especially if the house has a whimsical design, choose unforgettable and trendy exterior paint colors. Paint the home in a soft green shade and use accents of sky blue with a cream-white door. Behr takes the guesswork out of this combination with these colors: Nature’s Gift, Restless Sea, and Behr Twinkling Lights.

For Exterior Painting, Call Franklin Painting

At Franklin Painting we can lend a hand as you choose a trendy exterior paint color. And we can also apply exterior paint for you so that the finish doesn’t leave anything to be desired. Call 877.646.7774 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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