Eggshell vs. Semi-Gloss Paint

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Painting in just the right shades and glosses for maximum visual effect is a worldwide preoccupation. Even with numberless options, there is distinction in the eggshell vs semi gloss paint debate. Arm yourself with answers to this enduring question by reading on. Helpful solutions to this and many other interior painting questions are also available from the Central Connecticut house painting experts at Franklin Painting.

Paint Sheens, Avon CTThe Primary Difference between Eggshell vs Semi Gloss

There is more to this enduring dispute, but, arguably, the primary difference between eggshell and semi-gloss paint stands out from them all. That difference is the matter of sheen and gloss. The topic of gloss and sheen in paint merits study all in itself. For instance, measuring gloss and sheen is precise and involves angles for measure. The lighting in a room plays a crucial role in determining the correct paint selection.

When to use low gloss and sheen paint:

 Paint with higher gloss and sheen is more reflective. Therefore, low gloss and sheen paint or near matte paint should be used in a room with a lot of light. If high gloss paint is used in a bright room, the result is excessive glare.
 Low gloss and sheen are also advised for areas that do not call for attention, such as a ceiling or a short hallway.
 Lower sheen and gloss help to hide imperfections, making it the better choice for a wall with blemishes.

When to use high gloss and sheen paint:

 If a room has both perfect walls and low lighting, the space has the right qualities for using higher gloss and sheen paint.
 If a room can use a certain “pop” or the illusion of greater depth, glossy paint can help. If not the walls, glossy paint trim around the doorways can often achieve the desired effect.
 High-traffic areas where walls are frequently touched are perfect for high gloss paint. Being better able to stand wear and tear, glossy paint typically has higher durability, and it is easier to clean.

Qualities of Eggshell Paint

Now, down to the nitty-gritty on the question of eggshell vs semi gloss paint. Eggshell has a mere hint of shine and is nearly matte. Eggshell, like semi-gloss, is a type of paint as opposed to a specific paint color. The following are some helpful insights about eggshell paint in particular:

○ The finish produced by eggshell paint is a very gentle luster.
○ The appearance of eggshell is a strong color with a slight sheen.
○ Eggshell is less durable and more difficult to clean than a semi-gloss paint.
○ Eggshell delivers great paint coverage.
○ In the question of eggshell vs semi gloss, eggshell is less expensive.
○ Compared to most other paint finishes, eggshell is easier to apply.
○ Touch-ups are less apt to stand out.

Semi-Gloss Interior Paint, Avon CTQualities of Semi-Gloss Paint

The sheen produced by semi-gloss paint is quite noticeable, and it is highly reflective of light. More qualities of semi-gloss paint follow:
○ Semi-gloss paint produces a strong sheen or shine.
○ Semi-gloss paint has both strong color and strong capabilities for reflecting light.
○ Semi-gloss paint is highly durable and ideal for high-traffic areas.
○ You can expect decent paint coverage at a higher cost with a semi-gloss paint.
○ It is more difficult to evenly apply semi-gloss paint, and touch-ups tend to be inescapably noticeable.

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