Common Exterior Home Paint Problems

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As a homeowner in the Greater Hartford, CT, area, you know how the weather can take a toll on your home’s exterior paint. As a result, it’s not uncommon for paint problems to occur. These problems can range from minor annoyances to major headaches. In this article, we’ll discuss five of the most common paint problems and how to fix them. We’ll also provide some tips to help avoid the most common paint problems.

Exterior Paint cracking in Wethersfield CTBlistering

Blistering paint occurs when moisture is trapped beneath the paint film. Perhaps the surface was still damp when painted or rained before it had time to dry completely. To fix it, you’ll need to remove the affected paint, sand down the surface, and apply a new coat of paint. But make sure the surface is clean and dry before painting.


Cracking is another common paint problem. It typically happens when the paint coat is too thin, painting over a dirty or defective surface, or using the wrong paint type for the climate. To fix the paint cracking, you’ll need to remove the paint in the affected area, sand down the surface, and apply a new coat of paint. Ensure you prepare the surface properly and use the right paint type to avoid a repeat performance.


Fading paint is another common problem that suddenly changes the color of your house. It is almost always the result of the sun’s UV rays damaging the paint. The good news is that it is preventable. Use high-quality paint that is specifically designed for exterior use. Also, ensure the paint is formulated for the surface, such as aluminum, vinyl, stucco, wood, etc.


That unsightly mildew coating your beautiful home is due to excess moisture and humidity, a common issue during the summer in Farmington and other towns in the Hartford, CT, area. To prevent this unsightly appearance from ruining your perfect paint job, ensure proper ventilation, address moisture issues promptly, and choose a quality mildew-resistant paint product.


Sagging paint can result from using old, thickened paint or painting in cold weather. Remove the damaged paint and repaint the surface to fix this common problem.

Here are some additional tips for homeowners in the Greater Hartford, CT area:

Painting is a great way to give your home a fresh look, but it’s essential to do it right to yield professional results and avoid common problems.

When choosing exterior paint, select one that is appropriate for the climate. For example, you’ll want mildew-resistant paint that can withstand hot and cold temperatures in Connecticut. Franklin Painting recommends Valspar® Duramax® for its outstanding adhesion properties and ability to resist cracking, peeling, fading, and mold in all weather conditions.

When painting, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. If you’re painting exterior trim, be sure to use a paint that is specifically designed for exterior surfaces. It will be more durable and resistant to the elements.

Professional House Painting in Essex CT

If you’re painting over old paint, scrape away any loose or peeling paint before applying new paint. It will help ensure that the fresh paint adheres properly.

Professional House Painter in Central Connecticut

If you’re uncomfortable fixing paint problems, you should consider hiring a professional painter. Franklin Painting is the premier contractor for residential house painting in the Hartford area. From exterior to interior painting, we guarantee top-quality results that keep your home looking its best. We’re a licensed and insured contractor serving Avon, Bloomfield, Canton, Windsor, CT, and surrounding towns. Call 877.646.7774 or contact us to schedule an appointment for a free estimate today! We guarantee your satisfaction!

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