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Ceiling Painting 101

Painting a ceiling offers unique challenges. The Ceiling Painting 101 tips here are devoted to those unique aspects of the task. Standard painting tips aren’t included—those having to do with making any exterior or interior paint job a success. Things will really look up for you, though, if you call Franklin Painting LLC to do interior and exterior painting for you. They apply proven techniques to all their painting projects, guaranteeing satisfaction for each one. The following insights can help you master Ceiling Painting 101.

Professional Interior home painting in West Hartford CTIt’s Raining Paint

Ceiling painters can expect to be showered with a fine mist of ceiling paint. Safety glasses will allow you to keep your eyes open without squinting. Before the job begins, rub lotion on your face, arms, and hands. That way, paint freckles will wash right off. Tuck your hair under a baseball cap to prevent the embarrassment of paint in your hair and possibly having to use toothpaste to remove it.

They Say Don’t Paint the Ceiling?

For people over 40, some physical therapists say don’t paint the ceiling! Especially if you have a history of neck pain. The sustained activity necessary to paint a ceiling can cause kinking that irritates the nerves, and it can really be painful.
It can also be grueling to hold your arms up for the amount of time it takes to paint the ceiling. Who knows? Building up strength by lifting weights before you tackle the job might help.

Use Special Ceiling Paint

Obviously, dripping would seem to be a major problem when you are painting a ceiling. That’s why you should always use ceiling paint. Unlike standard wall paint, ceiling paint is specially formulated to drip less. Ceiling paint usually has these three qualities: It doesn’t spatter, it dries slowly, and it’s flat, not glossy. Using special ceiling paint is probably the number one rule in Ceiling Painting 101.

Sand First as Needed

Over time, bumps and crud as well as layers of paint get stuck to the ceiling. On untextured ceilings, begin by giving the ceiling a quick sanding. This helps to ensure a smooth service, which is necessary for a beautiful finish. It also increases paint bonding. After sanding, use a mop with a new sponge to wipe the ceiling and remove the dust.

Buy an Extension Pole

Having the right tools is always a formula for success on a paint project. When it comes to ceilings, though, the right equipment may mostly be for your benefit.

Professional Interior home painting in Burlington CT

Buy a paint roller extension pole. Much of the awkwardness and strain from reaching up above your head to paint will be alleviated. It also helps you reach angles and higher spots more easily.

Avoid a Pain in the Neck! Call Franklin Painting for Ceiling Painting Services

The professionals at Franklin Painting have what it takes to do ceiling work quickly and painlessly. If it were up to us, Ceiling Painting 101 would have only one step. That step would be to contact Franklin Painting! After all, we haven’t earned a reputation for high-quality painting services for nothing. We treat every job, large or small, in the same professional manner. Call 877.646.7774 today or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment!

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