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Ceiling Color: A Creative Way to Transform a Room

ceiling painting jobs in farmington ctThere is a great deal of leeway for making stylish updates to a room with interior painting. Indeed, gone are the days when all walls and ceilings were painted various shades of white. Color is in, and it can be used for dramatic effect in countless ways. One fashionable option that steps outside the boundaries of commonplace is using color on the ceiling to bring a whole new appeal to a particular room. It’s not the right choice for every room; but when a change in ceiling color paint works, it works beautifully.

Tips for choosing different ceiling paint colors

The ceiling takes up one-sixth of a room, and yet the color is usually taken for granted. White is the standard shade, even though adding some color overhead can really add excitement to a setting. Because there are so many gorgeous hues to choose from, it can be downright difficult to make paint color choices. The following tips can provide helpful guidelines for a new ceiling color:

·      To open up a room that might otherwise seem cramped, minimize the amount of color contrasts. Paint the walls and ceiling so that there is minimal contrast between the two colors. The result is a unified space that has improved dimension and depth. The coordination of subtle color contrasts between walls and ceilings makes all the difference.

·      When painted a dark color, ceilings seem lower than they actually are. In a room that has a high ceiling, dark colors such as black, dark gray, or deep blue can create excellent effect. Choose a light contrasting color for the walls. If you also choose neutral or pale shades for the furniture, the result is a dramatic effect that makes an impact. One added touch is to choose a sparkling light fixture to further enhance the ceiling color.

·      Energize a room by painting a ceiling a bold color, such as yellow, orange, or vibrant turquoise. Paint the walls a shade of white and keep the furniture neutral, for the perfect look. It makes a room a happier place, with bright ceiling colors. This type of paint color coordination can work in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Monochromatic counters, floors, tubs, sinks, walls, decorations, or tiles are perfect with a bold ceiling color.

·      Highlight beautiful architectural features around your ceiling by choosing a bold or dark shade for the ceiling color. By painting the crown molding, skylights, or other outstanding features a light, contrasting color, you’ll be able to enjoy an exceptional design feature.

·      You don’t have to choose basic paint shades. There are many types of paint finish that can create added appeal on a ceiling. If your ceiling has imperfections you’d like to conceal, such as cracks, a flat or matte finish is probably the best choice. For greater dimension on the ceiling, you can choose a glossy shade. It will subtly provide reflection, but it does tend to highlight blemishes. Faux finishes and glazes on the ceiling can formalize a space. Another option is specialty plasters on the ceiling, which can add color and texture as well as dimension.

The sky’s the limit

painting ceilings in farmington ctThe possibilities for what to do with interior paint on ceilings and walls are limitless. If you’re interested in painting the ceiling in one or more room but don’t know how to get started with choosing colors, feel free to call our experts at Franklin Painting. We are happy to help, but our favorite activity is painting interiors and exteriors ourselves. For professional interior ceiling painting with a satisfaction guarantee, call Franklin Painting today (877) 646-7774.

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