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Benefits of Painting Your Home’s Interior During the Winter

Windsor CT interior painting

There’s no better time to paint your home than in the winter. 

Connecticut’s long, cold winters make it difficult to tackle most home improvement projects until spring. Painting is one home improvement project that you can tackle now. You don’t need to wait until the weather warms up to update the colors on your walls!

The new home interior color trends for 2020 are out! If you are anything like us, you are feeling inspired to update your home décor. These long evenings and weekends indoors leave a lot of time to collect inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. You may be feeling inspired to embrace bold monochromatic colors or timeless organic hues. There is no better time to change your wall colors than now. 

Here are three reasons why winter is the best season to paint your home:

#1 – Low Humidity = Quick Drying

You might think that the paint would dry quicker in the summer because it’s warmer, but the opposite is true. Paint dries best during the winter or early spring because of the low humidity. That crisp dry air is ideal for paint. Just make sure to crack a window so the fumes can escape. The cold air that circulates will improve the drying process. 

#2 – Easy Scheduling & Affordable Pricing 

If you are looking for professional help, you’ll find the best deals in the winter! Painting experts, like Franklin Painting, offer the most competitive pricing in the winter since it’s our slow season. It’s also much easier to book a last-minute project at the most convenient time for you. The cold weather rules out outdoor projects which give us more time to devote to interior painting projects. 

Hiring a professional house painter is especially beneficial if you’d like a faux finish or mural. Even if you aren’t planning a complex paint job, experts like our painters will make your walls, trim and ceiling look flawless. They’ll prep and clean the walls for you ensuring that the paint will look great for years.

#3 – Great Use of Time

Winter often feels like it won’t end because you are cooped up inside. Using this time to tackle a home improvement project and update your home’s décor will make the time go by faster. It will also free up your time once spring arrives. With this home improvement project out of the way, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying the warm weather. Your design ambitions can be redirected towards outdoor projects like landscaping or repainting your front door.

Farmington CT Professional Painters

Don’t wait until spring! Transform your home today with a new palette of wall colors! The professional house painters on our team would love to work with you. Our team of highly trained, professionals serves residents throughout central Connecticut. If you can’t decide what colors would be best in your home, we can help! A 90-minute color consultation is included with all our projects. We want you to be happy with your color choices for years to come.

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