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6 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Hired A Professional Painter

professional exterior painting in south windsor ctIt’s time to paint, and as you mull over the job ahead of you, you begin to grow weary as you think about the numerous tasks that are going to be involved.  Whether it’s an interior or exterior job, painting is a detail-oriented process, and doing it right means a lot of involvement on your part.  So before you run out and start buying supplies, consider the advantages of hiring a professional painting crew to handle the project.

1. Excellent results

If you’ve ever painted anything of significance, you know that ending up with the results you imagined at the outset isn’t as easy as it seems.  Professional painters have training and years of experience, which means they know all the “tricks of the trade” required to turn out a spectacular finished product.  If the aesthetic quality of a paint job is high on your priority list, go with the pros.

2. Preparation

Among the “tricks of the trade,” none is more crucial than preparation.  The quality you see as the end result of a professional paint job doesn’t come just because the crew knows how to use brushes and rollers.  With painting, approximately 80 percent of the job is exacting preparation.  No qualified painter would ever think of adding paint to a surface that hasn’t been correctly prepared – this means the right combination of scraping, sanding, cleaning and priming.  And that means a result that keeps looking good year after year.

3. Safety issues

Ladders, sprayers, makeshift scaffolding, heavy barrels of paint – all of these contribute to injuries for novice painters.  For professional painters, it is all in a day’s work.  If you’re not familiar with the various safety procedures necessary for many types of paint projects, turn your job over to someone who is.

4. Clock time

How much time do you have to spare?  If you’re like most people these days, pulling even an hour out of your busy schedule is like pulling teeth.  You’re not going to paint your house in an hour.  If you want to preserve your precious time, hire painters who do this work all day every day.

5. Accidents

Beyond personal injury as noted above, a painting project provides many opportunities to cause damage to things within the work area.  Windows can shatter, furnishings can get painted, knick-knacks can be broken and Rover can go from golden to off-white.  These and many other disasters are covered by the insurance all professional painters carry.  (Although Rover’s problem might be solved with a simple bath.)

6. Warranty

rocky hill professional painting with warranty When you hire an experienced painting crew, the job will come with a written warranty.  Pro painters can provide this warranty because they know what they’re doing and have done it many, many times.  When you undertake your own paint project, your paint job will not be under any type of warranty or guarantee!

Franklin Painting of Farmington, Conn., is in the business of transforming the interiors and exteriors of homes into beautiful visual experiences.  If the benefits of hiring professionals that we talked about here are important to you, call us for your next painting project.  We’re available year-round and guarantee your satisfaction.  Reach us by phone at (877) 646-7774.

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