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6 Fall Painting Tips

The welcome arrival of autumn signals the end of hot summer days and the joys of the approaching holiday season. The fall painting tips that follow may be all you need to add extra inspiration to this favorite among seasonal transitions. Whether your home needs an interior or exterior boost or both, a fall painting project can deliver. If you want to forego do-it-yourself painting and ensure impressive no-hassle results, contact the professional painters at Franklin Painting.

Exterior Painting Temperatures, Burlington CT1-Keep an Eye on Outdoor Temperatures

Weather conditions should always be considered before tackling a painting project. In the fall, painters avoid painting in temperatures below 55°F. That’s because most exterior paints and stains should not be applied in temperatures lower than that.

Check the extended forecast because exterior paint needs to dry in temperatures higher than 35°F for at least 36 hours. The good news is that new latex paint products are now available specifically for application in low temperatures.

But, for the most long-lasting results, experts only advise using these special paints when it is unavoidable.

2-Choose a Snowy Interior Paint Color

An indoor fall painting tip that you can unwrap since it’s outside the box, is to choose colors that perfectly complement your holiday décor. Instead of choosing a typical white, think snowy white! According to science, looking at snow has a calming, peaceful effect. For the serenity of interior snow colors, you can choose from the following and more:

 Winter Snow OC-63 – Benjamin Moore
 Snow on the Mountain 1513 – Benjamin Moore
 Snowfall SW 6000 – Sherwin-Williams
 White Snow SW 9541 – Sherwin-Williams
 Whisper White HDC-MD-08 – Behr

3-Go Bold with Red Paint

The holiday red in your décor may perfectly match holly berries, Santa Clause’s suit, a Christmassy throw pillow, or your favorite holiday wrapping paper. Choose red paint if you want to go with a truly bold fall painting tip. A few ideas follow:

 Flirt Alert – #P150-7 – Behr
 Positive Red – SW 687a – Sherwin-Williams
 Santa’s Suit 1336 – Benjamin Moore

Green Interior Painting, Avon CT4-Go Green!

Shades of green are perfect anytime. Green evokes feelings of growth and renewal, and it’s a perfect shade for the holidays. Choose from countless green paint colors, and a few examples follow:

 Neon Green 2032-10 –Benjamin Moore

 Festive Green–S-G-470 -Behr

 Festival Green–SW 6923 -Sherwin Williams

5-Watch Wind Speeds

Light summer breezes are usually no threat to exterior painting projects, but things can be different in autumn. With bare tree branches all around, even a 10-mph wind can result in colorful fall leaves sticking to your wet paint.

So, another of our fall painting tips is to check wind speeds before getting started with a DIY exterior paint project.

6-Simplify by Calling a Paint Pro

Many satisfied Franklin Painting customers might say that their top fall painting tip is to schedule a professional interior or exterior paint job. Our trusted teams of painters are bona fide experts who consistently deliver flawless results. Customer satisfaction is a priority on jobs of every size, from elaborate historical structures to small home projects. Take the stress out of a home makeover that’s just in time for the holidays. Call us at 860-678-7701 or contact us online to schedule your appointment for professional interior or exterior painting today.

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