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5 Cool Paint Ideas for Your Laundry Room

interior paint project in ctWithin a lot of homes, the laundry room is the one space that often is overlooked when sprucing up other interior areas with paint.  While it’s true that you probably don’t spend a ton of time in the laundry room compared to other rooms, that’s no reason not to let your flair and style be seen on the walls and trim areas that surround your clothes appliances and workstations.

Here are five paint ideas you might use or modify to give your laundry room just the right look.

1. What surrounds this room?  

A lot of people like for rooms in their home to flow naturally, color-wise, into adjacent rooms.  If this sounds like you, it might be a good idea to simply duplicate in your laundry room the color scheme of adjoining rooms.  This will bring about a predictable feel that always makes sense.

2. Good old white 

The truth is, you rarely will go wrong with white or one of the many off-white paints.  With a predominantly white laundry room, all other colors – from the appliances and counters to the rugs and even the boxes of detergent and other supplies – will really stand out and be noticed more than in a darkly painted surrounding.

3. Pastels

Face it – pastels have grown on us and are being featured just about everywhere you can put down some paint.  Pastels from all the color families are relaxing and soothing.  Trim work in a pastel-colored laundry room can feature more vibrant colors from the same family the pastel came from.  Match your new color with rugs and any furnishings to give a cohesive appearance.

4. Vibrant colors

Maybe relaxing isn’t what you’re after in your laundry room.  Maybe this is one room of the house where you want to go all out and throw every bit of your personality onto the walls and trim.  There’s nothing wrong with getting wild with color schemes that wake you up and remind you that life is exciting.  Contrasting trim colors will crank up the excitement even more.

5. Neutral shades  

painting interior with neutral colorsNeutral colors relay a little more “feel” than whites and off-whites, but not so much that the color scheme takes over the room.  Like with pastels, neutral shades are soft and comforting and provide nice backdrops to more strongly colored areas or items nearby.

The thing with color is, for every shade of paint available there’s someone out there who’s ready to tell you when and when not to use it.  Fortunately, you can take all of the “expert” suggestions as mere guidelines and get to work creating the kind of space you want.  When it comes to painting any part of your home, laundry room included, the fact is there is no right or wrong.  There’s only what makes you happy.

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