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7 Tips to Extend the Life of your Exterior Paint

exterior painting prep in ctIf you take steps to make your home’s exterior paint last longer, it will save you money and hassle in the long run. In addition, the original curb appeal of the fresh paint finish will be maintained as long as possible. For many people, the biggest payoff is delaying the next occasion when new exterior painting is needed. Normally, a quality exterior paint job lasts about 7 to 10 years.

1. Painstaking Prep Work

Surfaces must be properly prepared, to ensure durability of the exterior paint. Any worn or damaged wood should be either repaired or replaced. The entire surface should be smooth, which usually requires a lot of sandpapering. Loose paint should be scraped off. Use a patching compound or putty to fill dings, chips, and holes. Caulk the joints.

2. Remove Dirt and Grime

A basic secret to a lasting paint job is ensuring that the paint is able to adhere to the surface. Dirt, grime, mildew, and other types of residue on the surface to be painted prevent proper paint adhesion. So, cleaning a house is an essential step in preparing it for painting. The easy way is to hire a professional to pressure wash the siding. Do not settle for an amateur because an inexperienced person could easily damage siding. If you wash the house yourself, you can apply a house cleaning solution to your home using a sponge; but it’s a huge job.

3. Apply Primer

Applying quality tinted primer that is similar in color to the final finish lays a foundation for a vibrant, long-lasting finish. Primer covers patched and caulked areas and upholds the uniformity and luster of the finish paint.

4. Use & Enhance High-Quality Paint

The type of high-quality paint you need to ensure a durable finish depends on the kind of surface on your home exterior. Never skimp, when it comes to buying paint for your home exterior. Many professional painters recommend adding certain additives to your paint. Hard Coat, which is added to latex paint, is ceramic based and has been proven to improve leveling and extend the life of exterior paint. Adding Dirt Repeal, a high-tech blend of resins and protectants, helps the paint to shrug off dirt. NOTE: Additives should be added one at a time. You could add Hard Coat to the first coat of paint and Dirt Repel to the second coat.

5. Use the Appropriate Equipment

It would be a significant investment for a do-it-yourself painter to acquire all the equipment and tools needed to deliver a top-quality exterior paint job. Only professional exterior painters have everything needed to deliver unmatched results for a professional paint job that lasts.

6. Repair New Damage Annually

After your exterior paint job is completed, take time at least once per year to examine your home carefully. If there is any new damage, repair and repaint the area.

7. Protect the Paint from Moisture

Keep an eye on all components of your home exterior, to be sure water isn’t pooling up or inundating a certain part of your home with excess moisture. Long-term exposure can cause the exterior paint to bubble, peel, and erode. Be sure water sprinklers don’t get water on painted surfaces.

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The experienced painters at Franklin Painting provide professional painting that delivers the best curb appeal and greatest durability for your exterior paint. You can reduce the steps toward a long-lasting paint job to one. Just call the professional exterior house painters at Franklin Painting at 877-646-7774 today to extend the life of your exterior paint.

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