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Frank Campanelli & Scouting

Frank Campanelli, owner of Franklin Painting LLC, worked with Bob and Ted Sanford, of Sanford & Hawley, to help more than 70 Boy Scouts from Avon Troop 274, Farmington Troop 68 and Burlington Troop 23 earn their carpentry merit badge.  The Boy Scouts of America have a 2010 Historical Merit Badge program that brought back four discontinued merit badges, one of them being carpentry.  The scouts completed the same requirements as scouts did 100 years ago in 1910 when Boy Scouts of  America began.  They learned what it would have been like to work without power tools, no mega stores to get supplies at, no television, no radio, no cell phones and no iPods.  Self-sufficiency was taught.  As part of this project each scout constructed and painted or stained a coat rack, many of which are in their homes today.

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